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Fuji Spray Systems, Spray Guns, Accessories & Parts - Complete Fuji Spray Selection

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  • We have the most complete selection of Fuji spray systems, accessories and parts on the web!

New Policy:  Due to the unprecidented amount of fraud and fraud attempts, spray gun and system orders can only be sent to your billing address, I will make execptions on a case by case basis, (for example if your billing address is a PO Box,) please call me at 800-377-5662, returning customers will not be subjected to this policy.


The Fuji T-70 bottom feed and T-75G gravity spray guns

The Fuji T-70 & T75G Hvlp Spray Guns

With its exclusive side-mounted Pattern Control Knob to adjust the size of the fan, the T-Series allows you to switch from small to large pattern, or anywhere in between without losing momentum. This gives a degree of precision control that is not available in any other top of the line HVLP turbine spray gun. The sleek design with easy pull trigger is 20% lighter, meaning less fatigue for the operator making it easier to spray any known coating to achieve that perfect finish.

This Non Bleed HVLP T-Series Spray Gun also features the following

  • Canadian technology
  • 1.3mm Air cap set
  • Center mounted 600cc gravity cup or 1 Qt. bottom feed cup
  • Stay-cool nylon handle (fitted over a metal tube)
  • Metal fluid knob and collar
  • Rear rotating nipple for pressure tubes makes for easier adjustment especially for those who are left handed.
  • The T-70 will spray without a problem vertically as well as horizontally, on such items as countertops, doors layed horizontally, table tops, etc. The T-70 will spray upwards for only limited distances as normally configured: 

Two options for spraying upward (ceilings, etc.) with the T-70 and T75G are the 3M PPS System or a Pressure Pot.

Personal Note: I have sprayed with all of the Fuji spray guns dating back to the original SC-1, even though I have considered all of them to be excellent the T-Series spray guns in my opion are the best that Fuji has ever made in terms of quality of finish, ease of operation and workmanship.


$29.95 ULTRASONIC CLEANING OF SPRAY GUNS : which includes repair and testing, parts and return shipping not included.


Before Cleaning:

After Cleaning:

Ultrasonic cleaning removes gunk from holes and crevices that are at best difficult and at worst impossible to reach with with brushes and picks and makes the spray gun function like new again.
The following Spray Pattern Demo is also applicable to the Fuji T70 and T75G
Q5 Platinum Quiet System
Mini-Mite 5 Platinum System
5 (stage turbine) + 8 or 9 (free bonus items)

With T-Series Spray Guns Now Available

With Gxpc Spray Gun Now Available

Platinum Systems with the following features:

The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box

Fuji Spray has designed a unique method of removing any heat build up from the Turbine case.  Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Box located at the rear of the case.

Because the hot air is dissipated evenly through an optimum surface area with 60 holes, there is no added hiss or loud whistling noise.  There is also no blowing around of dust. 

The benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for your turbine motor compared to standard turbines.


Fuji Spray Noise Reduction Covers (NRC)

Fuji Spray has recently introduced a new method to greatly reduce noise on the Mini-Mite PLATINUM Turbines.

The Noise Reduction Covers house the Filters. Ambient air is entrained only from the rear effectively removing any Direct Sound Paths. Air is drawn in through a large Rear Aperture and through specially designed Finger Slots for optimum performance.

Reintroducing the Fuji Gxpc spray gun by Popular Demand.

The Gxpc features the side mounted 400cc Gravity Cup and the tilt feature which easily allows the operator to spray in any direction including upwards. The angle of the Gravity Cup 400cc (14.5oz) can be adjusted. The Gxpc spray gun is available with any of the Mini Mite or Q systems.

To Compare Fuji Spray Guns click here.

Video Demo of Spraying a dresser with an earlier model side mount Fuji Spray Gun

We now carry the Fuji Spray Tan Systems

**New** hvlpTAN systems, lightweight and economical

Now offering :

3M PPS System

For Fuji Spray Guns

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Free shipping for orders over $50 

US destinations only

We choose the shipping method

 A Note about Priority Mail Shipments

When you pay extra for Priority mail shipping we understand that you are hoping to receive your shipment in 2-3 days. But please understand that Priority mail is not a guaranteed service like UPS. Most shipments will arrive in 2-3 days, some won't. Also most parts orders will be shipped from Texas, our mail pickup here is around 9 am so usually unless an order arrives here (depending how busy we are) by 8 am it will not go out until the next business day. Also for orders that are drop shipped out of Buffalo, NY, (all systems, spray guns and some other items), via  Priority mail there is  usually a 1-2  day lag between when  Priority mail order are received and when they are shipped out due to the fullfilment center policies. UPS orders are usually shipped the same or next business day.

Customer Service is what I am all about.

I am available by phone 7 days a week (9 AM to 9PM Central time) to answer your questions, take orders, help with pricing, and solve any problems you might have. I answer all my emails in a timely manner, and will give you whatever help I can with choosing equipment for your needs, your order, equipment or finishing issues, (I have close to 40 years of finishing experience), or designing a custom package for you. Also I have extensive knowledge of Fuji spray equipment from using it, repairing it and from being a dealer for so many years. *** My background is in refinishing, not sales, I will try to help you figure out what you need, not try to sell you something you do not need, if you do not need it I don't want to sell it to you. ***

Too Many Choices!!

In our modern world we are often presented with so many choices of what to buy for our needs that we can get confused or even paralized when trying to make a choice. Then when we thought we have made a good choice we can still wonder afterwards if there was a better choice. When I started selling Fuji systems back in 2002 there were 3 turbines to choose from and only 1 spray gun, now there are 7 turbines and 5 spray guns and all the combinations that entails. I am here to help you make that choice if you need me, either by phone or email. I do not care which system you purchase, least expensive, or most expensive my overiding concern is that you purchase the best system for your needs and budget. I have some experience with everything Fuji has to offer,  so feel free to call me or email me and I will do my best to help you.


I understand that all the systems and combinations that Fuji offers can be confusing. Therefore I have created simple utility that can help guide you in figuring out which system you might be interested in. 

Click here for the Choose utility.

Anyone purchasing a Fuji spray system from me will get FREE:

  • FREE UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. (Priority Mail shipping available to Hawaii and Alaska, call or email for shipping quote).

  • FREE answers to any refinishing questions you might have via email or phone, I have close to 40 years experience in refinishing.

  • FREE Spray Gun Cleaning Kit
  • FREE 10 Pack of Paper Strainers 
  • FREE 3 Pack Worthy Mini Strainers w/T70 System
  • FREE 3 Pack Inline Gravity Feed Mesh Strainers w/T75G System
  • FREE Tack Cloth
  • FREE Micro-Mesh 1500 3"x4" Soft Touch Pad


  • Please email for shipping prices for systems, the shipping calculator will work for international system shipments to most countries but I can usually quote a better price by email.  
  • 220v systems priced the same as 120v systems as shown on the website
  • Call 1-262-412-0295 for information
  • For Russian customers: Online purchases will not work for Russia, please email me for a shipping quote. I only accept Paypal for payment for Russia, I will send you a Paypal invoice once I know what you want to order. All shipping is via Express Mail International insured since that is the only form of mail shipment that can be tracked to Russia.

You will be emailed a UPS tracking number by UPS once your order has been shipped. Check out and save money on my numerous package deals to fit your every need. Same or next business day shipping of systems by UPS ground FREEanywhere in continental US. Orders are shipped from Buffalo, NY or Palmview, TX they will arrive in 1-5 business days, depending on your location. Most system and spray gun orders and some other parts orders are shipped from Buffalo, NY.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii is available with insured Priority Mail, call or email for a quote. We also ship to military destinations, APO, FPO by Priority Mail.

 Shipping to  foreign destinations also available call or email for shipping cost. 

Since I am the 2nd largest distributor of Fuji HVLP products in the US 

 I try harder!!

All Mini-Mite and Q systems available with a choice between the Fuji T-70 bottom feed, the T-75G pressurized gravity spray gun, or the Gxpc pressurized gravity spray gun at no extra charge.

All systems are shipped with, Turbine, Spray Gun, Hi-Flex Hose, Manual, Cleaning Brush, Nozzle Tool and Viscosity Cup and 2 Year Factory Warranty.

Free Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with each System Purchase

See all my videos on my video page

On the rare occasion when an item is out of stock I will post it on this website.

I am an authorized Fuji Distributor

Why Purchase your Fuji from Phelps Refinishing?

Please check out this GoFundMeCampaign that I have setup to help a needy neighbor family.


Call me anytime at 800-377-5662, (262-412-0295) days or evenings or even weekends, I try to answer any questions you might have, on which product to buy, PRICES, take an order, etc. I am the only one that answers the phone (Roger Phelps) and on the rare occasion that I am not available just leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible.

Hear how quiet the Fuji Q system turbines are, the QUIETEST HVLP turbines on the market!! 

Novel use of a Fuji HVLP Turbine

Click Here to Download the Fuji User Manual pdf file for the T-Series Spray Guns
Click Here to Download the Fuji User Manual pdf file for the Xpc and Gxpc Spray guns



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